Wednesday, June 9, 2010

India Evangelical Mission

Dear Lona,

Ever since you introduced your mom to us in 1967, she has been a great encouragement and blessing to our entire family. When we came to America from India, we didn’t have any relatives or close friends to help us. I was a student at Talbot Theological Seminary, and Mariamma had just given birth to our second daughter, Mishal. On top of my graduate studies, I was working in order support our growing family. Mariamma had no one to turn to for help. Melicent took care of Mariamma and baby Mishal until Mariamma was well enough to care for the family again. Your mom became “Grandma Melicent” to our family, and we have loved her as our grandma ever since. She was there to help all of our children, and she even suggested the name of our fourth child, Sheela.

All through these years, Grandma Melicent was a blessing to our family—helping us, caring for us, and praying for us. We are ever grateful to the Lord for raising up such a godly lady who gave her life in the service of others. The Lord has prepared her reward in Heaven for all the kindness, love, and service she exhibited because of her love for the Lord. We thank God upon every sweet remembrance of her. We pray the Lord to bless her children and her grandchildren. We know He will keep His promise towards the children of the righteous and to their children’s children (Psalm 37: 23-26).

God’s Peace Be With You,

G.V. & Mariamma Mathai, and Family (Helen, Mishal, Dayan, and Sheela)

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