Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Christine Anderson


Greetings from Illinois, the heartland of America. It just happens to be April 12, Andrew's 33rd birthday. Lona, I'll bet you didn't know that when you called me this morning. And what a wonder ful surprise to hear you voice. Gramma Melicent's website is great. I love it.

Jamie set this up so you can have photos taken this afternoon. Chris (Andrew) is in his dress uniform standing in front of the house, me with him and Andrew in his work clothes. He is posed on his new motor scooter, his b-day gift from Jamie. It arrived during the time it took for him to change out of the dress uniform. Talk about good timing!!

Now here's Andrew: It has been about six years since we were able to you last but it was such a wonderful visit. It was great to hear my grandma Melicent call me "Christopher" once again.

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