Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Wayne and Carol Mack

From half way around the world as we minister in South Africa Carol and I and also Beth remember Grandma Hunt. What a blessing it was to have her as a part of the Joint Heirs Fellowship Group where I ministered at Grace Community Church for several years. The eagerness with which she received the Word and also shared the Word with others was so encouraging. She was a little dynamo who enlivened others by her evident love and devotion for Christ. I still remember what happened one Sunday morning when I finished the message more quickly than satisfied Grandma. I had been talking about a biblical perspective on spiritual warfare and in doing so had talked about the identity of our adversary, the methods of our adversary and the power of our adversary and then it was time for me to quit. Well, Grandma wasn't too pleased with having to wait for a biblical way to defeat our adversary and so she blurted out something like this, "Don't tell me you're going to make us wait until next week to find out what to do about the problem you've described?"

When I resigned from The Master's College and also as pastor of Joint Heirs, Grandma assured us of her prayers and then told my wife that it was her responsibility to make sure that I spent time writing. She did and I did and the first book I wrote after resigning (God's Solutions to Life's Problems) was dedicated to her. She was an unforgettable person who was very dynamic and also very loving and caring. We remember her with joy.

Rejoicing in the Lord and His marvelous goodness and grace,
Wayne Mack (for Carol also)
Psalm 115:1

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