Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Spud Cheever


Mel and I took a trip traveling by car from LA toward San Francisco. The destination is immaterial, it was just the listening that was so good. We started off and after a short while Mel asked if I was OK. I said just fine, why? She replied that I hadn't said much. I told her that listening was much more enjoyable than talking. So for the next several hours I listened. I sincerely wish that I was carrying a tape recorder at the time because a better trip I never had.

Just listening to her talk about family, friends, trips, people she had met, Flosie (my mom), her relationship with God and all the various odds and ends in-between, was absolutely wonderful.

I cannot in any way express the joy and pleasure of that trip. It was many many years ago and, as you can tell, it had a profound effect on me. I hope that in some way Mel enjoyed it as much as I.

When Mel reaches his side, I hope the man upstairs takes the time to listen as well......

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