Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Sheetal Mehta-Karia

our wonderful grandma melicent - I met grandma in Mumbai, India, more than 14 years ago. She was there to attend my wedding to her first indian grandson Amit or Amito as she liked to call him ( there is a picture of him as a baby in the photo archives). She welcomed me with an openess that continues to marvel me even today.

Few years later, I went to Los Angeles to attend a cousins wedding and I of course stayed with grandma. She had a lovely one bedroom apartment filled with turtles and she made me sleep in her warm, cosy, comfy bed while she slept in an armchair outside in the living room. Then the next day, right after the wedding, we went for high tea to the Beverly Hills Regent Wilshire hotel -- both of us decked out in our gorgeous indian finery. Then we went shopping for chocolates for my then three-year old daughter.

Grandma's joie de vivre was infectious. I will always remember her lovely smile, her bubbly laughter and her keen curiousity. I loved the way she listened when I talked, giving me her full attention, focusing on my views and ideas and appreciating them even when they differed from her own. I will always cherish the wonderful times we had together, the long, long phone conversations and her beautiful letters and cards.

They say what is loved remains in the heart and Grandma Melicent will always be with us.

Sheetal Mehta-Karia
Toronto, Canada

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