Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Roger Eaton

Well of course, I remember first of all that Melicent co-signed for my first motorcycle. It is not easy to get credit if you don't have any! She is a kind woman with a big heart and always was. A big talker, of course. Never at a loss. I wish I had a photo of that time she stepped out of the shower not knowing she had guests! She used to embarass Penny by talking to strangers at the supermarket. Nobody is a stranger to Melicent. More recently I had the pleasure of bringing her a copy of "My Man Godfrey" which happens to top my all time list. This was exactly her cuppa, too. Then there is all her friends from India. Do I remember right that they filled the living room one time? Probably. They still are her big fans, just as am I!

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