Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Paul and Jackie Robinson


I met Grandma, not our "real" grandma but our Christian grandma, at the Brown's house. One time Steve, the leader of the college group Bible study, prayed that Grandma would slow down. This was over 25 years ago. She told him not to pray that she would slow down but that she would have the energy to keep going and doing. She came to help us at the birth of both of our daughters. She was fascinated by numbers and Annie was born on 8-28-82, grandma really liked that, and when Pamela was born grandma wrote out the birth announcements she wrote "Pamela Joy 'and she is' ''. Grandma came all the way to Germany for Pamela's birth, which was a real sacrifice for someone of a Jewish background. Grandma had a bright red robe she wore when she was in Germany. When she left she gave it to me so I would always feels her arms around me. I still have a piece of it so every robe will always remind me of her. I always remember Grandma reminding us that "this too will pass".

She cooked up a storm both times she was with us. On the way home from the airport the first time she asked Paul if we had a freezer. When Paul said, "No." She replied that that would just not do. So before Grandma left we bought a freezer and she filled it up. She even made a lemon meringue pie for a friend of ours. In Germany she would cook one of her many masterpieces and then Paul would do the dishes. The next day Grandma thought getting the dishes out of the strainer was like a game of Pick up Sticks, there were so many.


Grandma was a fantastic cook, Paul always said she was a cooking PhD. She made "must go" dinners where she just took whatever was leftover in the fridge and made a wonderful meal of it. We always cherish the time we had with Grandma and her servant heart because she was like her Lord. Grandma had a great spiritual influence on Paul's extended family. She was a mentor to both my mother and her sister, as well as my cousin and her family. She showed us all how to live the Christian life and how to truly follow our Lord's command to "preach the gospel to all the nations", Matt 28:19, 20. We look forward to seeing her again.

Attached are some pictures of Grandma with our children (the first two in Germany) and one with our cousin as well.

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