Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Louise Helbert


“Once A Month Sunday Prayer Ladies Group”

That’s what Melicent named us. We were all a part of God’s strategic plan, and Melicent was willing to let Him use her, to orchestrate our lives for His Glory and Honor. We were conceived out of a deep love for God and birthed from her giving heart. Our purpose was to glorify God in all we think, do and say; our privilege was to glean from Melicent all her pearls of wisdom and gained knowledge and our practice was to read the bible, to attend a church, and to be accountable to each other throughout our spiritual journeys with Christ Jesus. She would say,“ If you ever need me, I am only a telephone call away any time of the day or night. You know, darling, when you start to get those whim whams, and I know all about those whim whams, (Oy Vey!) and need to talk to someone, just call me. We’ll pray.” And, she was there for each of us.

We were a group of women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, ages, classes, careers, talents and gifts hand selected by Jesus to be a part of Melicent’s life one Sunday afternoon a month for the purpose of developing God’s strategic plan for our lives through learning His Word, memorizing scriptures, sharing our heart’s burdens, prayer and fellowshipping with one another. These ladies are the “tas filas” (that’s Greek for… my girlfriends): Maria Francavagilia, Geri McCall, Francis Richards, Bertha Crear, Claudia Acosta, Avis Helbert (the only child allowed to be a part of these gatherings, and with that, she acquired “many mothers”), Geraldine Mole, Louise Helbert, Faith Hahn, Elaine Castillo and others were welcomed, would join in and then, move on. All Melicent wished was that we would make a difference for God in our lives, our families, our community and the world. And, she was content with that.


The world was outside. We were championed in private, united by Christ’s love and developing God’s plan for our lives with Melicent leading us towards the only answer – the Messiah Jesus. This was a place where you could let your walls down and be accepted; be honest and open and still be loved; and share your heart’s burdens and be encouraged. We listened, we learned, we prayed, we laughed, we sang, we cried and we were blessed month after month for these past 30 years. And, she was pleased with that.

Thank you Lona, Penny and Wendy for sharing your wonderful Mother with the tas filas of the Once A Month Sunday Ladies Prayer Group because she became our mother, our spiritual mentor and the prayer warrior we all needed to get us through this thing called life.

Thank you God for allowing this beautiful, faithful, caring, joyful, spiritual and loving woman of God to unconditionally love me and my daughter, Avis, and to be such a huge impact in my life in more ways that I can express. I am so eternally grateful and a better Christian woman for knowing her. When I accepted Christ into my life, I gained a Heavenly Father, my Savior, the Holy Spirit, a big family, and a very special gift from God - Melicent. I love you.


Louise Helbert

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