Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Linda Harry


My dear Mum is finally home! Melicent Hunt adopted me over 30 years ago. We've talked to each other almost every night through good times and bad. Mum first heard about me when I was hospitalized for a many months and came to see me when I was finally able to be home again. She wrote the book of Job in pencil because I was too allergic to the formaldehyde in ink to read print. How I treasure those pages written in tiny script with comments scribbled on the side of the pages. Mum prayed for me, encouraged me, and loved me - for over 30 years.

My sister Suzi and I went to see Mum a few days before her homegoing. She opened her eyes and knew us even commenting since now Suzi could drive after knee replacement surgery, our other sister Sandy would be happy. But the pain and difficulty breathing told us her 89 years on earth were quickly coming to a close. By the time we left, she was no longer communicating. How grateful I am I could once again tell her how much I loved her!


I learned from Mum how to pray for people - really pray for them. One awful trip to Dallas for emergency surgery she prayed for me the entire 3 day trip refusing to go any where or do anything but pray for my safety over the long miles. For years, one day a week was dedicated to fasting and praying for the salvation of those she knew. She spent long hours on the phone every day encouraging, disciplining, and praying with people.

These past few years have been very difficult for Mum. With declining health and memory, she has struggled to transition from the caregiver to the one needing the care. In these past few months it became very hard for Mum to talk on the phone to me. Still, every conversation began with "I love you - more!" and ended - "We'll talk tomorrow God willing, but I'd rather meet you in the air!" God honored her life and took her to her real home heaven - where the pain, limitations, sickness, and grief of earth are gone!

My favorite photo is us hugging! She loved to hug - not too tight; just right! Praying for you, Linda :) for all

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