Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Ken and Susie Sarno


Ken: What I remember best about her concerns David's quilt, which your mother crocheted and which David latched onto when he was a year or so old, either because he picked it up at your house or you left it at our house, can't remember which. But by the time there was an opportunity to return it, forget it, there was no humane way to take it away from him. My own mother was a little jealous of the fact that another grandma had made her only grandchild's "security blanket" as she called it, since years before she used to crochet exactly the same kind of quilt.

When Susie told your mother a short time later that David had become psychologically dependent on one of her creations, her response was to smile broadly and say "Praise God", which I remember very well.

Susie: Along with Ken, I remember David’s “blankie,” although my recollection is that your mom made it for him. He wouldn’t go anywhere without it, and we have had a photograph on our mantel of him as a two-year old wearing nothing but the quilt wrapped around him. It has been there for more than 25 years. And I know your mom was pleased that he loved it.

The thing I remember most about Melicent is her indefatigable energy(!), bright smile, and sunny disposition. You cannot be any sunnier than she!

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