Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Jeanne Harper

It was good to hear your voice on Wednesday, Penny and as I look at my clock right now, I realize that you all are at the church preparing to commence your mom's memorial. So, in a way, I feel as if am there with you all.

How do I remember your mom? I still have images of this tiny, vibrant, and ever so gracious woman who seemed to radiate life and wisdom every time I saw her. Her deep faith seemed to be her core of joy and it magnetized people to her. She always made me feel like one of her own. She was just that kind of woman....loving, loving, loving.

My loss is in not having more moments with her. I appreciate the photos that have been included here since I probably don't have any (or I might - I am remembering one of our b-day celebrations at your Santa Monica house and your mom was there, too). However, the images I have in my mind are not only visual, they produce an emotional warmth, the same as just being in her presence.

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