Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Janice Vanderslik


Enthusiasm and effervescence arrived when Melicent came to potluck programs at Beth Sar Shalom and Watchman on the Walls Club. That is how I first remember her. Years later Trevor, her grandson, called to introduce himself to me because he desired to date my daughter Beth. What a surprise to hear that this young man was her grandson! It was at Watchmen on the Walls Club that Beth’s Dad had really enjoyed Melicent. Since Beth was just a baby I was not as active, but her memory was fresh in my mind. When Beth met Trevor, her Dad was in Heaven but I was grateful for the extra blessing that he had known the family, through Melicent, that our daughter married into.

A few months before I was to leave Orange County to permanently live in Hawaii a head on collision totaled my car. Melicent with her generous heart gave me the use of her car until I left. Giving of herself and of her resources blessed many, myself included. What an encouragement to have her stand with me in a sharing Messiah Jesus with willing ears.

What a privilege to know her and be a part of her extended family.

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