Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Jackie Gough

Warm, friendly, sincere, loving, fun, joyful, enthusiastic, dynamo, all of these words come to mind when I think of dear Grandma. She was my second mother, a friend, confidant and mentor all rolled up into one tiny wonderful lady. She and I have prayed, laughed and cried together.

She taught me how to stock a freezer, pray on the phone, have a party and most of all how to live for the Lord Jesus with a sincere heart. I will always remember the time she visited me in Arkansas one summer. a thunder and lightening storm became a glorious celebration of God's power as Grandma would exclaim with delight at every flash of light and crash of thunder. My daughter Rebekah remembers that to this day and only yesterday told her daughter Olivia about that time. We will miss her very much but rejoice that she is in the presence of the Lord. I bet she is having the best party ever.

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