Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Erika Levers Clark (aka Riki Tik)


There are so many memories that overwhelm me when I think of Melicent. But the beginning of those so many wonderful memories are the life and times at the Windsor home in Hollywood. We would drive down from Menlo Park in Northern California. It probably took longer than I remember as we always went 101. But, when we finally got there my brother and I would jump out of the car and race into the kitchen to see what Melicent was cooking. We were welcomed by big hugs and kisses, and lots, and I mean LOTS of food. The smells coming from that kitchen were wonderful. I can still smell the turkey roasting in the oven. No matter what time of year it was, Melicent was always cooking something wonderful. And, there was my grandfather overlooking all of this commotion with a smile on his face.

And, the stories from Melicent … I can’t really single one out. Just, the feeling and knowledge of the excitement of those stories. So interesting and fun, with a few facts thrown in here and there by my grandfather. Melicent was so full of love and life. So caring and giving. She always made you feel special. Just as she was – special.

The last time I saw Melicent in person was in October 2004. Penny and Wendy were taking Melicent on a “road trip”. They were coming thru Northern California and we were going to have lunch at my house. The plan was to get Melicent and my Mom, Phyllis, together again. They had not seen each other in some time as my Mom has dementia. It was a wonderful visit. The recognition in my Mom’s eyes was a blessing and the delight on Melicent’s face was something I will cherish forever.

We Love you Melicent.

Note: Melicent was my Mother’s Father’s Wife. My Mother is Phyllis Hunt Levers.

The Northern California Family consists of:
My Mother: Phyllis Levers
My Sister: Jenny Levers
My Brother & Family: James, Carolynne, Justin & Jacob Levers
Myself & Family: Erika, Mike, Amy, Nicholas & Bradley Clark

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