Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Brigitte Buytaert

I heard and read many stories about ‘Mom’ and one day I had the great privilege to meet her.

Penny and I had walked around in Silver Strand and went for lunch in the French Market Café, which is around the corner from where mom lived. I am Belgian and speak the official languages of my country. So Penny asked me if I could visit Mom and speak a couple of words French with her since she loves so much to hear and speak that language.

So we walked to the house and met the lady I had heard so much about and greeted her in French. She was very surprised and pleased to hear it, but the main thing was that she was sure she had met me before. Penny and I had quite some trouble to convince her that it was really the first time.

We kept a conversation going, but she was preoccupied with finding the name of the person who I resembled. Finally she blurted out: ‘Alice!’ And Penny and Geri agreed immediately that she was very right.

You should have seen the smile of victory on Mom’s face….and everybody thought she did not remember well....? I believe the name was Alice, but then my memory is not as good as hers.

From that point on, she could really enjoy the conversation; all in a very triumphant mood.

I walked away from that visit happy to have made her day, but also so impressed with Mom’s three daughters. Mom raised her children well, but she was also a very very lucky lady to be treated as a queen by all three daughters! Everyone made a great contribution to give Mom the best elderly care she could get and all that in the family environment.

Hat off to Mom and her three daughters!


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