Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Bonnie Scott

Over the last weeks, my sister (Bertha Crear) has kept me posted on Melicent's condition. When she called me with the "final" news today, I went through a whole kaliedoscope of emotions -- many round trips from sorrow to joy.

For many years, I had been hearing these wonderful stories about the little lady named Melicent Hunt was just so full of life, so full of love, so full of wisdom. In the back of my mind, I just filed it away in a neat corner of my mind that I reserved for the likes of Mother Theresa. But, starting in 2001, I had the awesome privilege of being touched by the awesome, "out-of-this-world" experience of being touched by Melicent's overpowering generosity and unwavering faith. My son was sick for over a year and, during some of his hospitalizations, Melicent called him every day to pray with him and just spread the type of cheer that only she could spread. Her love transcending age, gender, color, or any other divisive ploy known to man. She was faith in action. And when I finally met her a couple of years later, it was the most beautiful experience. She literally exuded joy -- unspeaking, unquenchable, unchanging joy.

I loved her. I will miss her. I was priviledged to have known her. The attached file expresses (in a way that I never could) what Melicent's bright and overflowing spirit brought into this dark world. Hopefully, we will alll try to imitate her, but we will never duplicate her.

My thoughts and prayers to her family during this season of pain and joy.

Bonnie R. Scott
Lancaster, TX

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