Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Roger Eaton

Well of course, I remember first of all that Melicent co-signed for my first motorcycle. It is not easy to get credit if you don't have any! She is a kind woman with a big heart and always was. A big talker, of course. Never at a loss. I wish I had a photo of that time she stepped out of the shower not knowing she had guests! She used to embarass Penny by talking to strangers at the supermarket. Nobody is a stranger to Melicent. More recently I had the pleasure of bringing her a copy of "My Man Godfrey" which happens to top my all time list. This was exactly her cuppa, too. Then there is all her friends from India. Do I remember right that they filled the living room one time? Probably. They still are her big fans, just as am I!

from Christine Anderson


Greetings from Illinois, the heartland of America. It just happens to be April 12, Andrew's 33rd birthday. Lona, I'll bet you didn't know that when you called me this morning. And what a wonder ful surprise to hear you voice. Gramma Melicent's website is great. I love it.

Jamie set this up so you can have photos taken this afternoon. Chris (Andrew) is in his dress uniform standing in front of the house, me with him and Andrew in his work clothes. He is posed on his new motor scooter, his b-day gift from Jamie. It arrived during the time it took for him to change out of the dress uniform. Talk about good timing!!

Now here's Andrew: It has been about six years since we were able to you last but it was such a wonderful visit. It was great to hear my grandma Melicent call me "Christopher" once again.

from Janice Vanderslik


Enthusiasm and effervescence arrived when Melicent came to potluck programs at Beth Sar Shalom and Watchman on the Walls Club. That is how I first remember her. Years later Trevor, her grandson, called to introduce himself to me because he desired to date my daughter Beth. What a surprise to hear that this young man was her grandson! It was at Watchmen on the Walls Club that Beth’s Dad had really enjoyed Melicent. Since Beth was just a baby I was not as active, but her memory was fresh in my mind. When Beth met Trevor, her Dad was in Heaven but I was grateful for the extra blessing that he had known the family, through Melicent, that our daughter married into.

A few months before I was to leave Orange County to permanently live in Hawaii a head on collision totaled my car. Melicent with her generous heart gave me the use of her car until I left. Giving of herself and of her resources blessed many, myself included. What an encouragement to have her stand with me in a sharing Messiah Jesus with willing ears.

What a privilege to know her and be a part of her extended family.

from Travis Black


We have a relatively slow pace of living in East Texas. I can remember Grandma's incredible amount of energy when she would visit. Even when she was captivated by the wilderness and serenity she would still want to be doing something with everyone. She would make a game using only our imagination, or perception, or even a piece of yarn (which she always had plenty of). To this day I still show-off the tricks that Grandma taught me with any piece of string I can find. Above all Grandma taught me to appreciate what was right in front of me and most importantly each other. We love and miss ya'll, and I'm sure we'll see everybody soon.
With a big Texas hug, Travis, Lainee, & Cali Mae

from Marija Whyte


Before meeting "mama stara Melicent" and hearing loving and funny stories about her from my friend Penny, I was imagining what she was like. Meeting Melicent for her 80th birthday gave me inspiration to go back to work after my 50th birthday. She was full of love toward people, life, spirituality, and most clearly, her family. Oh, it was not just her immediate family; it was also adopted family, and people all over the world, including my twin sister and me who call her mama-stara which means grandmother in Croatian.

Melicent couldn't do all that by herself; it was also her belief in God, and when you looked into her eyes you could see that she was energized by the Holy Spirit. To her family I would like to use Helen Keller's words, "What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

In friendship and love always,

Marija, Ljubica and our families

from The Forceys

Dearest Melicent,

You came bustling into our lives one day with your gracious smile... like the breath of spring time , like sunbeams piercing a cloud-laden sky ! Then when you called us your "Darlings"... we were helplessly hoplessly "connnected" !

You became our very own " Jewish Momma"... as you were to all those who knew and loved you. We quickly learned how much you loved your Messiah Jesus , your beautiful daughters and very special grand children...and their children.

You also taught us one of your favorite mottos, " When someone takes one step toward me... I take two steps toward them " ; it works !

Our move to Canada many years ago seperated us geographically but not emotionally or spiritually. Our friendship has continued thru phone calls, notes, sweet pop-corn balls at Christmas... and even your very precious visits to see how we were doing !

Soon you will hear "Well done, My good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord " !

We believe we shall join you shortly ... to be seperated no more.

We'll see you in the "Morning" dear friend.

With all our love and appreciation,

Martha and Herschel 4C

from Spud Cheever


Mel and I took a trip traveling by car from LA toward San Francisco. The destination is immaterial, it was just the listening that was so good. We started off and after a short while Mel asked if I was OK. I said just fine, why? She replied that I hadn't said much. I told her that listening was much more enjoyable than talking. So for the next several hours I listened. I sincerely wish that I was carrying a tape recorder at the time because a better trip I never had.

Just listening to her talk about family, friends, trips, people she had met, Flosie (my mom), her relationship with God and all the various odds and ends in-between, was absolutely wonderful.

I cannot in any way express the joy and pleasure of that trip. It was many many years ago and, as you can tell, it had a profound effect on me. I hope that in some way Mel enjoyed it as much as I.

When Mel reaches his side, I hope the man upstairs takes the time to listen as well......

from Brigitte Buytaert

I heard and read many stories about ‘Mom’ and one day I had the great privilege to meet her.

Penny and I had walked around in Silver Strand and went for lunch in the French Market Café, which is around the corner from where mom lived. I am Belgian and speak the official languages of my country. So Penny asked me if I could visit Mom and speak a couple of words French with her since she loves so much to hear and speak that language.

So we walked to the house and met the lady I had heard so much about and greeted her in French. She was very surprised and pleased to hear it, but the main thing was that she was sure she had met me before. Penny and I had quite some trouble to convince her that it was really the first time.

We kept a conversation going, but she was preoccupied with finding the name of the person who I resembled. Finally she blurted out: ‘Alice!’ And Penny and Geri agreed immediately that she was very right.

You should have seen the smile of victory on Mom’s face….and everybody thought she did not remember well....? I believe the name was Alice, but then my memory is not as good as hers.

From that point on, she could really enjoy the conversation; all in a very triumphant mood.

I walked away from that visit happy to have made her day, but also so impressed with Mom’s three daughters. Mom raised her children well, but she was also a very very lucky lady to be treated as a queen by all three daughters! Everyone made a great contribution to give Mom the best elderly care she could get and all that in the family environment.

Hat off to Mom and her three daughters!


from Bonnie Scott

Over the last weeks, my sister (Bertha Crear) has kept me posted on Melicent's condition. When she called me with the "final" news today, I went through a whole kaliedoscope of emotions -- many round trips from sorrow to joy.

For many years, I had been hearing these wonderful stories about the little lady named Melicent Hunt was just so full of life, so full of love, so full of wisdom. In the back of my mind, I just filed it away in a neat corner of my mind that I reserved for the likes of Mother Theresa. But, starting in 2001, I had the awesome privilege of being touched by the awesome, "out-of-this-world" experience of being touched by Melicent's overpowering generosity and unwavering faith. My son was sick for over a year and, during some of his hospitalizations, Melicent called him every day to pray with him and just spread the type of cheer that only she could spread. Her love transcending age, gender, color, or any other divisive ploy known to man. She was faith in action. And when I finally met her a couple of years later, it was the most beautiful experience. She literally exuded joy -- unspeaking, unquenchable, unchanging joy.

I loved her. I will miss her. I was priviledged to have known her. The attached file expresses (in a way that I never could) what Melicent's bright and overflowing spirit brought into this dark world. Hopefully, we will alll try to imitate her, but we will never duplicate her.

My thoughts and prayers to her family during this season of pain and joy.

Bonnie R. Scott
Lancaster, TX

from Ken and Susie Sarno


Ken: What I remember best about her concerns David's quilt, which your mother crocheted and which David latched onto when he was a year or so old, either because he picked it up at your house or you left it at our house, can't remember which. But by the time there was an opportunity to return it, forget it, there was no humane way to take it away from him. My own mother was a little jealous of the fact that another grandma had made her only grandchild's "security blanket" as she called it, since years before she used to crochet exactly the same kind of quilt.

When Susie told your mother a short time later that David had become psychologically dependent on one of her creations, her response was to smile broadly and say "Praise God", which I remember very well.

Susie: Along with Ken, I remember David’s “blankie,” although my recollection is that your mom made it for him. He wouldn’t go anywhere without it, and we have had a photograph on our mantel of him as a two-year old wearing nothing but the quilt wrapped around him. It has been there for more than 25 years. And I know your mom was pleased that he loved it.

The thing I remember most about Melicent is her indefatigable energy(!), bright smile, and sunny disposition. You cannot be any sunnier than she!

from Jackie Gough

Warm, friendly, sincere, loving, fun, joyful, enthusiastic, dynamo, all of these words come to mind when I think of dear Grandma. She was my second mother, a friend, confidant and mentor all rolled up into one tiny wonderful lady. She and I have prayed, laughed and cried together.

She taught me how to stock a freezer, pray on the phone, have a party and most of all how to live for the Lord Jesus with a sincere heart. I will always remember the time she visited me in Arkansas one summer. a thunder and lightening storm became a glorious celebration of God's power as Grandma would exclaim with delight at every flash of light and crash of thunder. My daughter Rebekah remembers that to this day and only yesterday told her daughter Olivia about that time. We will miss her very much but rejoice that she is in the presence of the Lord. I bet she is having the best party ever.

from Bertha Crear

Mielicent did so much for my family she loved me with a special love and,she would come over and bring home made soup, and for 29 year"S she was grandma to my five kid"s she tought me how to live for Jesus and she have tought me how to die for him.

from Jacqueline Owens

When I think of "Grandma" I think of my irresistable urge to smile everytime I saw her. My experience with Grandma, was limited to the times I sat beside her in Church. She was always smiling each time I saw her, like life was all about smiling. She never seemed to have any problems, that, becasue she trusted the Lord to solve them all, and she had that type of effect on people. To the family, be blessed, and may the peace of God abide in your hearts. I know that grandma, is smiling in the face of Jesus today. Take comfort in that. No more worry, no more tears, no more suffering, grandma, is now in the arms of her blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

from Elena Parker


Might Enthusiastic Love In Christ Encouraging Never Ending Thankfulness...spells M.E.L.I.C.E.N.T.!!! That says it all! I remember when I just became a believer in our wonderful Messiah Jesus and I met Mighty! We were at a special interview to be on radio for Jewish believers. I was only 17 and was not allowed to participate for being under age, but the Lord had a special plan for me to be there that day. I met Melicent! What an encouragement she has been to me all my life as I have been growing in the Lord, especially in those first years! And even now, as she is with our Messiah that she loved so dearly, her life continues to encourage me to serve our Lord more (as I have been doing for the past 26 years in Mexico)! Thank YOU Lord soooo much for our dear sister Melicent! In His great love, Ellen Parker

India Evangelical Mission

Dear Lona,

Ever since you introduced your mom to us in 1967, she has been a great encouragement and blessing to our entire family. When we came to America from India, we didn’t have any relatives or close friends to help us. I was a student at Talbot Theological Seminary, and Mariamma had just given birth to our second daughter, Mishal. On top of my graduate studies, I was working in order support our growing family. Mariamma had no one to turn to for help. Melicent took care of Mariamma and baby Mishal until Mariamma was well enough to care for the family again. Your mom became “Grandma Melicent” to our family, and we have loved her as our grandma ever since. She was there to help all of our children, and she even suggested the name of our fourth child, Sheela.

All through these years, Grandma Melicent was a blessing to our family—helping us, caring for us, and praying for us. We are ever grateful to the Lord for raising up such a godly lady who gave her life in the service of others. The Lord has prepared her reward in Heaven for all the kindness, love, and service she exhibited because of her love for the Lord. We thank God upon every sweet remembrance of her. We pray the Lord to bless her children and her grandchildren. We know He will keep His promise towards the children of the righteous and to their children’s children (Psalm 37: 23-26).

God’s Peace Be With You,

G.V. & Mariamma Mathai, and Family (Helen, Mishal, Dayan, and Sheela)

from The Greys


The Gray's

Remembering the good old days in California with always cheerful Melicent.

This was our moving away party 1976. Gerdi says, at Bob and Karen's place.

from Sandy Chaves


As one of Penny's many friends, I had the good fortune of being especially remembered by Melicent, though I had only met and sat with her once. She remembered Sandy and she remembered Roger. What did I do to be remembered? I gave Penny some hand-painted book marks to give to her Mom - discarded scraps and pieces of paintings on arches watercolor paper of Bali dancers. I don't know if Melicent used them, but she remembered and asked about me, and that is an honor coming from the mother of a friend, like a blessing from a sage.

from Sheetal Mehta-Karia

our wonderful grandma melicent - I met grandma in Mumbai, India, more than 14 years ago. She was there to attend my wedding to her first indian grandson Amit or Amito as she liked to call him ( there is a picture of him as a baby in the photo archives). She welcomed me with an openess that continues to marvel me even today.

Few years later, I went to Los Angeles to attend a cousins wedding and I of course stayed with grandma. She had a lovely one bedroom apartment filled with turtles and she made me sleep in her warm, cosy, comfy bed while she slept in an armchair outside in the living room. Then the next day, right after the wedding, we went for high tea to the Beverly Hills Regent Wilshire hotel -- both of us decked out in our gorgeous indian finery. Then we went shopping for chocolates for my then three-year old daughter.

Grandma's joie de vivre was infectious. I will always remember her lovely smile, her bubbly laughter and her keen curiousity. I loved the way she listened when I talked, giving me her full attention, focusing on my views and ideas and appreciating them even when they differed from her own. I will always cherish the wonderful times we had together, the long, long phone conversations and her beautiful letters and cards.

They say what is loved remains in the heart and Grandma Melicent will always be with us.

Sheetal Mehta-Karia
Toronto, Canada

from Louise Helbert


“Once A Month Sunday Prayer Ladies Group”

That’s what Melicent named us. We were all a part of God’s strategic plan, and Melicent was willing to let Him use her, to orchestrate our lives for His Glory and Honor. We were conceived out of a deep love for God and birthed from her giving heart. Our purpose was to glorify God in all we think, do and say; our privilege was to glean from Melicent all her pearls of wisdom and gained knowledge and our practice was to read the bible, to attend a church, and to be accountable to each other throughout our spiritual journeys with Christ Jesus. She would say,“ If you ever need me, I am only a telephone call away any time of the day or night. You know, darling, when you start to get those whim whams, and I know all about those whim whams, (Oy Vey!) and need to talk to someone, just call me. We’ll pray.” And, she was there for each of us.

We were a group of women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, ages, classes, careers, talents and gifts hand selected by Jesus to be a part of Melicent’s life one Sunday afternoon a month for the purpose of developing God’s strategic plan for our lives through learning His Word, memorizing scriptures, sharing our heart’s burdens, prayer and fellowshipping with one another. These ladies are the “tas filas” (that’s Greek for… my girlfriends): Maria Francavagilia, Geri McCall, Francis Richards, Bertha Crear, Claudia Acosta, Avis Helbert (the only child allowed to be a part of these gatherings, and with that, she acquired “many mothers”), Geraldine Mole, Louise Helbert, Faith Hahn, Elaine Castillo and others were welcomed, would join in and then, move on. All Melicent wished was that we would make a difference for God in our lives, our families, our community and the world. And, she was content with that.


The world was outside. We were championed in private, united by Christ’s love and developing God’s plan for our lives with Melicent leading us towards the only answer – the Messiah Jesus. This was a place where you could let your walls down and be accepted; be honest and open and still be loved; and share your heart’s burdens and be encouraged. We listened, we learned, we prayed, we laughed, we sang, we cried and we were blessed month after month for these past 30 years. And, she was pleased with that.

Thank you Lona, Penny and Wendy for sharing your wonderful Mother with the tas filas of the Once A Month Sunday Ladies Prayer Group because she became our mother, our spiritual mentor and the prayer warrior we all needed to get us through this thing called life.

Thank you God for allowing this beautiful, faithful, caring, joyful, spiritual and loving woman of God to unconditionally love me and my daughter, Avis, and to be such a huge impact in my life in more ways that I can express. I am so eternally grateful and a better Christian woman for knowing her. When I accepted Christ into my life, I gained a Heavenly Father, my Savior, the Holy Spirit, a big family, and a very special gift from God - Melicent. I love you.


Louise Helbert

from Scott Sharpe

Grandma touched my life in so many ways as a child. But her greatest gift to me, and all those around her, was her enthusiastic embrace of a joyful life. Whether she was taking me and Trevor to swim, or helping us memorize bible verses, or helping to manage the properties, Grandma taught me to praise God in all my actions and live with Joy in my heart.

I will forever treasure this dear woman.

Scott Sharpe

Fall City, Washington

from Mary Dacey

Melicent was my "Momma Mel"!!! She took me through Fundamentals of the Faith on Wednesdays nights at her apartment in Venice. She cooked "tsimis"...that was our treat, but not every week! We shared the same birthday, too, January 22nd! Ah, what a lady. She made dozens of sandwiches for my father's memorial service and always had a smile on her face. I met Melicent over 28 years ago when she and my friend, Dee, took me to Grace Church. Melicent led Dee to the Lord who in turn led me to the Lord. I remember I had asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior about 2 weeks prior but hadn't yet gone to church. We went to this huge church, the biggest I had ever seen, and when the pastor (John MacArthur) spoke, I thought "who is this man and how does he know all about me!" WOW! I could go on and on but for now I'll stop. I love you Momma Mel and I can't wait to see you in heaven. We can have tsimis, perfect tsimis! love, Mary D. (that's what she called me)...Mary Dacey

from Stella Landress

Melicent was a Godly woman who loved the Lord with all her heart, and she loved people. She was gifted in helping others. She was the open arms of Jesus welcoming all. She knew no strangers. Once you met her you felt as though you were part of her family. She told me to call her “Mum”. Actually we were “family” – God’s forever family. The Word was very important to her. She was always memorizing and quoting Bible verses. Because of her love of people and her knowledge of the word, she could listen to you, council you, and pray for you with Godly wisdom.

I met Melicent through her grandson Trevor. He was in second grade at Redeemer Elementary School. I was a “green” Kindergarten teacher. I told the second graders to do something and they did not do it. He said, “You need to follow through with what you tell us to do” …“out of the mouths of babes”. He was so mature and spoke with the authority I knew was God speaking to me. As it turned out we attended the same church .One Sunday we were sitting near each other at Grace Church and Trevor introduced me to his parents, Hartley and Lona, and his grandmother Melicent. I told Melicent how impressed I was with her grandson. She told me that their family got up very early each day to read the Bible, study, and pray.


After that she would stop by to see me when she came to get Trevor from school. On one occasion, I was preparing for open house. She came in and asked how I was doing. She could see I was nervous. She prayed with me. Then she said to prioritize what needed to be done. Start with the most important tasks-what “must’ be done and work your way down the list. Don’t worry about what does not get done. Only you and God will know what else you planned to do. So that is what I did. I was able to focus and get done what God wanted.

During the Bill Gothard Institute it was such a privilege to sit near Mum. She was so excited to be there-ever learning and ever encouraging others with what the lord had first worked in her own life. She was such an enthusiastic woman of God. She was fun to be with.

It was a joy to attend her ‘40 Again’ birthday celebration. It was a delightful evening honoring a most special woman of God. When she first said her ‘40 Again’ celebration it pointed to her creativity – not just 80 but ‘40 Again!’ Another day my friend Ray and I went to her home and had a special day with her. She gave me one of her hand knitted pot holders. It is hanging in my kitchen and it brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of her.

She was the outstretched arms of Jesus to all who knew her. She welcomed you no matter who you were. She listened with her whole heart and gave you her undivided attention. When she spoke, it was with conviction based on wisdom from the Bible. Melicent is an unforgettable woman. She will always live in our hearts and memories and one day we will see her again in heaven. She was God’s gift to us. Now we need to be faithful to God’s calling and be a blessing to others. Melicent, with a twinkle in her eyes and a great big smile on her face, would say “Amen” to that!

Stella Landress

from Debi Forsyth

Though our families knew each other long before I was even born, my visits with Melicent were few and far between. However, it didn’t take a lot of time to see who Melicent was and what she lived for. Her beaming face was clearly created by the light of Jesus shining in and through her. Her enthusiasm was contagious! She loved her Savior so fiercely she couldn’t help but bring Him into every conversation she had. While I couldn’t have put words to what I experienced in my visits with Melicent 15 or 20 years ago, I knew she was wonderfully different then most believers I knew. As my own faith has deepened and I seek to glorify God in every moment of every day I can now understand why the memory of her face makes me beam from ear to ear and why my spirit soars as I picture her dancing and praising God as she stands in His very presence! How truly amazing!

Debi Forsyth

from Elizabeth Nganga


to Windy, Penny, and Lona,

Thank you for letting me take care of your mom. Although she was not able to communicate her spirit is very much alive in her three daughters. From the stories that you guys shared I could tell Grandma was spirited, funny, generous, and fearless. God Bless.

from Wayne and Carol Mack

From half way around the world as we minister in South Africa Carol and I and also Beth remember Grandma Hunt. What a blessing it was to have her as a part of the Joint Heirs Fellowship Group where I ministered at Grace Community Church for several years. The eagerness with which she received the Word and also shared the Word with others was so encouraging. She was a little dynamo who enlivened others by her evident love and devotion for Christ. I still remember what happened one Sunday morning when I finished the message more quickly than satisfied Grandma. I had been talking about a biblical perspective on spiritual warfare and in doing so had talked about the identity of our adversary, the methods of our adversary and the power of our adversary and then it was time for me to quit. Well, Grandma wasn't too pleased with having to wait for a biblical way to defeat our adversary and so she blurted out something like this, "Don't tell me you're going to make us wait until next week to find out what to do about the problem you've described?"

When I resigned from The Master's College and also as pastor of Joint Heirs, Grandma assured us of her prayers and then told my wife that it was her responsibility to make sure that I spent time writing. She did and I did and the first book I wrote after resigning (God's Solutions to Life's Problems) was dedicated to her. She was an unforgettable person who was very dynamic and also very loving and caring. We remember her with joy.

Rejoicing in the Lord and His marvelous goodness and grace,
Wayne Mack (for Carol also)
Psalm 115:1

from Linda Harry


My dear Mum is finally home! Melicent Hunt adopted me over 30 years ago. We've talked to each other almost every night through good times and bad. Mum first heard about me when I was hospitalized for a many months and came to see me when I was finally able to be home again. She wrote the book of Job in pencil because I was too allergic to the formaldehyde in ink to read print. How I treasure those pages written in tiny script with comments scribbled on the side of the pages. Mum prayed for me, encouraged me, and loved me - for over 30 years.

My sister Suzi and I went to see Mum a few days before her homegoing. She opened her eyes and knew us even commenting since now Suzi could drive after knee replacement surgery, our other sister Sandy would be happy. But the pain and difficulty breathing told us her 89 years on earth were quickly coming to a close. By the time we left, she was no longer communicating. How grateful I am I could once again tell her how much I loved her!


I learned from Mum how to pray for people - really pray for them. One awful trip to Dallas for emergency surgery she prayed for me the entire 3 day trip refusing to go any where or do anything but pray for my safety over the long miles. For years, one day a week was dedicated to fasting and praying for the salvation of those she knew. She spent long hours on the phone every day encouraging, disciplining, and praying with people.

These past few years have been very difficult for Mum. With declining health and memory, she has struggled to transition from the caregiver to the one needing the care. In these past few months it became very hard for Mum to talk on the phone to me. Still, every conversation began with "I love you - more!" and ended - "We'll talk tomorrow God willing, but I'd rather meet you in the air!" God honored her life and took her to her real home heaven - where the pain, limitations, sickness, and grief of earth are gone!

My favorite photo is us hugging! She loved to hug - not too tight; just right! Praying for you, Linda :) for all

from Walter Hunt

My first memory of Aunt Melicent was her meeting me at LAX as my sister, Jennifer, and I deplaned after a long transit from Australia. This was around 1978, but I can't remember for sure. We were on our way to Brighton, Illinois to visit G'ma and G'pa Hunt, but my parents had allowed us to have a couple of days stayover in LA so we could visit Disney world. I would escort my 12 year old sister through the dangerous world of Tiki Rooms and Its A Small World.

But first we had to meet our relatives. Needless to say it was breathless, even for a 19 year old kid from the land down under. I don't recall how many words I managed to squueze in, A. Melicent pretty much answered her own questions, but it was a lot of fun to be with her. Driving on the Highway with her at the wheel was more exciting than any E ticket rides that Walt Disney and Co. had cooked up. At some point I remarked that since she was my Great-Aunt Melicent, I would henceforth abbreviate it to Gr'unty Melicent. She seemed enthused at the new title, or was at least too kind to try and change it. So through the years I have always fondly thought of her as my Grunty Melicent.


Fast forward 10 years later and she was there to welcome the newest addition to the Hunt family, as I took a lovely bride from the Southern California region on June 18, 1988. It was truly a joy to have her there to help celebrate this great occasion. My wife Kathy was overjoyed to become a grand niece in law to this amazing woman. I have always appreciated her good humor and Godly advice. I truly have never met anyone who had a better knowledge of scripture than her. The joy of Christ was always evident in all that she said and did. I have always been proud of the legacy of many of my Christian family members. I think it is awesome to see how God works through the generations. It has helped to inspire me to be a better husband and father as I can readily see such great examples around me.

Grunty Melicent is a powerful testimony to her family and friends. I will miss her, but look forward to seeing her again when my appointed time arrives. I know that she will be waiting for each and every in of us who have accepted Christ as our Saviour.

Janet and Maurice Lee, have also asked me to tender their sympathies to the family and echo my sentiments. They are having e-mail difficulties but wanted to make sure that everyone knew how much they loved and appreciated Aunt Melicent.

Wally, Kathy, Travis and Brianna Hunt

from Jeanne Harper

It was good to hear your voice on Wednesday, Penny and as I look at my clock right now, I realize that you all are at the church preparing to commence your mom's memorial. So, in a way, I feel as if am there with you all.

How do I remember your mom? I still have images of this tiny, vibrant, and ever so gracious woman who seemed to radiate life and wisdom every time I saw her. Her deep faith seemed to be her core of joy and it magnetized people to her. She always made me feel like one of her own. She was just that kind of woman....loving, loving, loving.

My loss is in not having more moments with her. I appreciate the photos that have been included here since I probably don't have any (or I might - I am remembering one of our b-day celebrations at your Santa Monica house and your mom was there, too). However, the images I have in my mind are not only visual, they produce an emotional warmth, the same as just being in her presence.

from Mark Aspinwall

I thought that we were Grandma Melicent’s extra-special, most-favorite friends. She sure made us feel that way whenever we saw her! But, from reading the stories on the website, it turns out that we were just one among many. What a marvelous woman. God gave Melicent a special gift of genuine love, enthusiasm and plain old joy of living. It made me happy just to be around her. We’ve been friends of Lona, Hartley & Trevor, since 1981. (The first time we met the Browns, I showed up at Bible study in my board shorts and flip-flops. Trevor assumed I was a homeless guy, and went out of his way to be kind). Well, when you know Lona & Hartley, you soon know Melicent.

In the ‘90s, we moved away from the LA area, so we’ve pretty much missed the last 10+ years. But, we still remember our many visits to Lona and Hartley’s Venice Beach house; being hugged and fussed over by Melicent; eating mass quantities of something yummy and drinking out of old peanut butter jars. You know what I most appreciated about Melicent? Her life and thoughts and attitudes were formed and filled by God’s Spirit. She treasured people. Whenever we got together, she was genuinely and deeply interested in me; my joys, my problems, my interests. She would ask about my job, my wife, my kids, my parents, my problems. With her, everything was an adventure. She saw the fun and joy in life, rather than the drudgery and difficulty.


Nobody else is like Melicent. I used to think that Christians like Wonder Bread – soft, bland, boring and all the same. As it turns out, the opposite it true. The more closely you follow Christ, the more you become yourself – intensely individual & idiosyncratic. I think God gets a kick out of the sheer variety of His people. He surely gets a kick out of Melicent. She went about His business – loving people – in her own inimitable way.

It’s a bitter-sweet thing when someone like Melicent dies: bitter, because we’ll miss her; sweet, because her struggle’s is over, and she’s with Jesus – her real extra-special, most-favorite friend. See you later, Grandma! Love you!

Mark, for all the Aspinwall clan.

from Anil Majmudar and daughter Tanya

I was saddened to hear the news. I would have liked to be there but it was not possible to get a visa in time. Rupa will be there.

With our extended family gathered there I join them in the prayers. Saddened that one who gave joy and abundant love to all who came in touch is now far away. Mom once told me that it did not matter how far away one was physically - what matters is that we remain close in our hearts.

We must console ourselves that though she has gone so far -- she is still in our hearts. Anytime we are sorrowing, we have only to remember her and we get the love to keep going.


Anil Tanya

from Geoff and Holly Dres

This wonderful woman ministered to my mother in more ways than I know about.She comforted her in the way of Christ with a joyful tenderness that melted me. When Mom returned to South Africa they coresponded. When we were saying goodbye to Mom in her illness in 2002 we saw Millicents cards and Letters and Mom's joy about her freind radiant in her weakness.They are together now rejoicing with our Lord

In His Hope
Geoff and Holly Drew

from Paul and Jackie Robinson


I met Grandma, not our "real" grandma but our Christian grandma, at the Brown's house. One time Steve, the leader of the college group Bible study, prayed that Grandma would slow down. This was over 25 years ago. She told him not to pray that she would slow down but that she would have the energy to keep going and doing. She came to help us at the birth of both of our daughters. She was fascinated by numbers and Annie was born on 8-28-82, grandma really liked that, and when Pamela was born grandma wrote out the birth announcements she wrote "Pamela Joy 'and she is' ''. Grandma came all the way to Germany for Pamela's birth, which was a real sacrifice for someone of a Jewish background. Grandma had a bright red robe she wore when she was in Germany. When she left she gave it to me so I would always feels her arms around me. I still have a piece of it so every robe will always remind me of her. I always remember Grandma reminding us that "this too will pass".

She cooked up a storm both times she was with us. On the way home from the airport the first time she asked Paul if we had a freezer. When Paul said, "No." She replied that that would just not do. So before Grandma left we bought a freezer and she filled it up. She even made a lemon meringue pie for a friend of ours. In Germany she would cook one of her many masterpieces and then Paul would do the dishes. The next day Grandma thought getting the dishes out of the strainer was like a game of Pick up Sticks, there were so many.


Grandma was a fantastic cook, Paul always said she was a cooking PhD. She made "must go" dinners where she just took whatever was leftover in the fridge and made a wonderful meal of it. We always cherish the time we had with Grandma and her servant heart because she was like her Lord. Grandma had a great spiritual influence on Paul's extended family. She was a mentor to both my mother and her sister, as well as my cousin and her family. She showed us all how to live the Christian life and how to truly follow our Lord's command to "preach the gospel to all the nations", Matt 28:19, 20. We look forward to seeing her again.

Attached are some pictures of Grandma with our children (the first two in Germany) and one with our cousin as well.

from Wayne and Rebecca de Villers

Dear family of Melicent Hunt,

My first memory of Grandma Hunt was in Joint Heirs, our fellowship group at Grace Community Church. She introduced herself to me as "Grandma" because "everyone called her that." :-) I was grateful to be personally touched by her exuberance, cheery smile, and love for the Lord. My husband, Wayne, and I are both thankful for the blessing she was to us. We fondly remember her eager anticipation of our marriage, and her repeated inquiries about whether we were married yet!

We are sad for her departure from this earth but are rejoicing that she is now in the presence of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Rebecca, for both of us.

from Erika Levers Clark (aka Riki Tik)


There are so many memories that overwhelm me when I think of Melicent. But the beginning of those so many wonderful memories are the life and times at the Windsor home in Hollywood. We would drive down from Menlo Park in Northern California. It probably took longer than I remember as we always went 101. But, when we finally got there my brother and I would jump out of the car and race into the kitchen to see what Melicent was cooking. We were welcomed by big hugs and kisses, and lots, and I mean LOTS of food. The smells coming from that kitchen were wonderful. I can still smell the turkey roasting in the oven. No matter what time of year it was, Melicent was always cooking something wonderful. And, there was my grandfather overlooking all of this commotion with a smile on his face.

And, the stories from Melicent … I can’t really single one out. Just, the feeling and knowledge of the excitement of those stories. So interesting and fun, with a few facts thrown in here and there by my grandfather. Melicent was so full of love and life. So caring and giving. She always made you feel special. Just as she was – special.

The last time I saw Melicent in person was in October 2004. Penny and Wendy were taking Melicent on a “road trip”. They were coming thru Northern California and we were going to have lunch at my house. The plan was to get Melicent and my Mom, Phyllis, together again. They had not seen each other in some time as my Mom has dementia. It was a wonderful visit. The recognition in my Mom’s eyes was a blessing and the delight on Melicent’s face was something I will cherish forever.

We Love you Melicent.

Note: Melicent was my Mother’s Father’s Wife. My Mother is Phyllis Hunt Levers.

The Northern California Family consists of:
My Mother: Phyllis Levers
My Sister: Jenny Levers
My Brother & Family: James, Carolynne, Justin & Jacob Levers
Myself & Family: Erika, Mike, Amy, Nicholas & Bradley Clark