Wednesday, June 9, 2010

from Roger Eaton

Well of course, I remember first of all that Melicent co-signed for my first motorcycle. It is not easy to get credit if you don't have any! She is a kind woman with a big heart and always was. A big talker, of course. Never at a loss. I wish I had a photo of that time she stepped out of the shower not knowing she had guests! She used to embarass Penny by talking to strangers at the supermarket. Nobody is a stranger to Melicent. More recently I had the pleasure of bringing her a copy of "My Man Godfrey" which happens to top my all time list. This was exactly her cuppa, too. Then there is all her friends from India. Do I remember right that they filled the living room one time? Probably. They still are her big fans, just as am I!

from Christine Anderson


Greetings from Illinois, the heartland of America. It just happens to be April 12, Andrew's 33rd birthday. Lona, I'll bet you didn't know that when you called me this morning. And what a wonder ful surprise to hear you voice. Gramma Melicent's website is great. I love it.

Jamie set this up so you can have photos taken this afternoon. Chris (Andrew) is in his dress uniform standing in front of the house, me with him and Andrew in his work clothes. He is posed on his new motor scooter, his b-day gift from Jamie. It arrived during the time it took for him to change out of the dress uniform. Talk about good timing!!

Now here's Andrew: It has been about six years since we were able to you last but it was such a wonderful visit. It was great to hear my grandma Melicent call me "Christopher" once again.

from Janice Vanderslik


Enthusiasm and effervescence arrived when Melicent came to potluck programs at Beth Sar Shalom and Watchman on the Walls Club. That is how I first remember her. Years later Trevor, her grandson, called to introduce himself to me because he desired to date my daughter Beth. What a surprise to hear that this young man was her grandson! It was at Watchmen on the Walls Club that Beth’s Dad had really enjoyed Melicent. Since Beth was just a baby I was not as active, but her memory was fresh in my mind. When Beth met Trevor, her Dad was in Heaven but I was grateful for the extra blessing that he had known the family, through Melicent, that our daughter married into.

A few months before I was to leave Orange County to permanently live in Hawaii a head on collision totaled my car. Melicent with her generous heart gave me the use of her car until I left. Giving of herself and of her resources blessed many, myself included. What an encouragement to have her stand with me in a sharing Messiah Jesus with willing ears.

What a privilege to know her and be a part of her extended family.

from Travis Black


We have a relatively slow pace of living in East Texas. I can remember Grandma's incredible amount of energy when she would visit. Even when she was captivated by the wilderness and serenity she would still want to be doing something with everyone. She would make a game using only our imagination, or perception, or even a piece of yarn (which she always had plenty of). To this day I still show-off the tricks that Grandma taught me with any piece of string I can find. Above all Grandma taught me to appreciate what was right in front of me and most importantly each other. We love and miss ya'll, and I'm sure we'll see everybody soon.
With a big Texas hug, Travis, Lainee, & Cali Mae

from Marija Whyte


Before meeting "mama stara Melicent" and hearing loving and funny stories about her from my friend Penny, I was imagining what she was like. Meeting Melicent for her 80th birthday gave me inspiration to go back to work after my 50th birthday. She was full of love toward people, life, spirituality, and most clearly, her family. Oh, it was not just her immediate family; it was also adopted family, and people all over the world, including my twin sister and me who call her mama-stara which means grandmother in Croatian.

Melicent couldn't do all that by herself; it was also her belief in God, and when you looked into her eyes you could see that she was energized by the Holy Spirit. To her family I would like to use Helen Keller's words, "What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

In friendship and love always,

Marija, Ljubica and our families

from The Forceys

Dearest Melicent,

You came bustling into our lives one day with your gracious smile... like the breath of spring time , like sunbeams piercing a cloud-laden sky ! Then when you called us your "Darlings"... we were helplessly hoplessly "connnected" !

You became our very own " Jewish Momma"... as you were to all those who knew and loved you. We quickly learned how much you loved your Messiah Jesus , your beautiful daughters and very special grand children...and their children.

You also taught us one of your favorite mottos, " When someone takes one step toward me... I take two steps toward them " ; it works !

Our move to Canada many years ago seperated us geographically but not emotionally or spiritually. Our friendship has continued thru phone calls, notes, sweet pop-corn balls at Christmas... and even your very precious visits to see how we were doing !

Soon you will hear "Well done, My good and faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord " !

We believe we shall join you shortly ... to be seperated no more.

We'll see you in the "Morning" dear friend.

With all our love and appreciation,

Martha and Herschel 4C

from Spud Cheever


Mel and I took a trip traveling by car from LA toward San Francisco. The destination is immaterial, it was just the listening that was so good. We started off and after a short while Mel asked if I was OK. I said just fine, why? She replied that I hadn't said much. I told her that listening was much more enjoyable than talking. So for the next several hours I listened. I sincerely wish that I was carrying a tape recorder at the time because a better trip I never had.

Just listening to her talk about family, friends, trips, people she had met, Flosie (my mom), her relationship with God and all the various odds and ends in-between, was absolutely wonderful.

I cannot in any way express the joy and pleasure of that trip. It was many many years ago and, as you can tell, it had a profound effect on me. I hope that in some way Mel enjoyed it as much as I.

When Mel reaches his side, I hope the man upstairs takes the time to listen as well......